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Jan 04

Projecttop Process

Projecttop Process

ProjectTOP Process is designed to implement business-critical projects where IT is heavily involved and cannot afford delays or poor quality. Projects where testing and change management are important for the success of the project. Internal development projects that are often associated with an external software vendor.

Projecttop Software development started in 2006. ProjectTOP Process – model has emerged as a result of over 10 years of development. We have been involved in hundreds of development projects and have been able to see the problems projects face in practice. We have developed Projecttop Software to support Projecttop Process.

Lean model is the application of quality management principles for production. Instead of focusing on individual issues, the focus is on optimizing the whole process. In the same way, Projectop Process -model is the application of management principles for development projects. The aims are to eliminate the causes of the problems and enable higher quality projects.

ProjectTOP Process allows the projects to succeed in quality. The availability of solutions for development projects is better and users are happier.

Projecttop process
Projecttop process - project planning

Project Planning

Projecttop Process includes a list of questions that guide you to really design your project. Because each project is unique, some things must be planned separately. But for the rest of the questions, Projecttop Process gives guidance and answers.

Project planning will continue during the project. Projecttop Process directs you to plan to solve problems before they are resolved. This allows us to experience hundreds of development projects.

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There is one big problem with the definition of traditional definitions and requirements. The customer’s business and its future needs are not clearly described. Although the project should be a business development project, the focus will only be on describing the technical solution of the software being implemented.

In modern times, when everyone is in a hurry, the reading of lengthy documents on business does not work. No one has time to wade through big volumes of documentation. On the other hand, the listing of two hundred claims in Excel does not really tell you what type of solution is most optimal for the customer.

Projecttop process - Defenition

The question of why the definitions lack a clear business description is in response to the general fear of a large workload.  As a result, we have developed a light but the descriptive way of implementing the specifications. In the definition, the parties focus on what they do best. The customer describes the business and its needs. The vendor plans a solution.  The result will be a clear picture of what changes will result in business, as well as what customization is sensible to implement in the application.

The definition is divided into entities that are manageable by use cases. At the same time, a base project is being built for real-time reporting.

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Change Management

The success of the project is based on effective change management. Often, systematic change management has only been done by the vendor. Projecttop process is effective in managing change, including changes to the business and third parties.

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Projecttop process - change management
Projecttop process - buildiing test preparations

Building/ Test Preparations

Structure of the building phase depends on the supplier’s operating models, but once the specification has been made in a sensible format, the vendor can work cost-effectively.

Projecttop Process-compliant Use cases facilitate the preparation of testing. Test cases can be generated from use cases. They do not need to go into writing. At the same time, the test cases will be clearly of a higher quality.

The vendor will review the customer test cases and use them to release the use case for testing. This gives two major benefits:

  • Definition errors are already found in the implementation phase.
  • Real-time monitoring of the completion of the implementation.
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System Test

Up to 90% of testing success conditions are destroyed before testing starts. Projecttop Process helps you to avoid making these mistakes.

You get clear test documents that reflect realistic business requirements.
You have assigned the right people to the test sessions who have been adequately familiarizing.

The number of errors is significantly lower than normal.  Projecttop Software reduces fixing processing time on average by 30 – 50 %.  You can use this time for effective project work.

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Projecttop process - System test
Projecttop process - Deployment planning

Deployment Planning / Cut Over Practice

Cut over practice is a good tool to ensure the success of your deployment. The method is simple but effective:

  • Practice ensures success of deployment
  • In addition to the technical aspect, users ‘ skills ‘are also tested
  • Based on the findings found in the practice, the quality of the implementation plan will be improved.
  • The quality of the test is improved when approval testing is systematically set. High-quality setting ensures that there is no expensive time wasted. Time can instead be focused on finding the right, critical errors.
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Trainings in Project

Training the project team is often considered expensive. When training is requested, the reporter will present a few thousand cost estimates, which will be ruled out by the steering group. Or the result is a couple of unclear sessions, the result of which is only wasted time.

Projecttop process guides you to train the right people at the right time. The needs and budget of the training are already defined in the planning phase. So, it is possible to take note of the budget and this avoids a very expensive saving.

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Projecttop process - Trainings in project
Projecttop process - Acceptance testing

Acceptance Testing

The most common cause of the failure to accept testing is that it is started even though the criteria for initiation have not been met.

There are generally three reasons behind this costly decision:

  • Want to keep a tight
  • There is no information on what is the correct degree of building and testing readiness.
  • Not knowing how expensive a decision is being taken.

By using Projecttop Process, the building is completed on time. Open issues have been resolved and the testing preparations have been done with care.

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The objectives of the development project in general are:

  1. Ensure that the solution to be deployed supports business needs
  2. Ensure that deployment does not jeopardize business.

Designing the critical deployment of a business must be done systematically. The deployment involves dozens of people from different areas. Some of them are only participating in the project for the first time. The goal is to ensure that deployment does not pose a problem for the business and that the benefits are quickly available.

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Projecttop process - Deployment
Projecttop process - Support


No matter how well the deployment has succeeded, it is always possible that there will be problems that need to be solved. Also, it is important to have metrics that tell you how to succeed.
And after every project, we need to consider what we could do even better.

Continuous development

The world will never be finished. After the project, the development of the systems will continue. Projecttop model directs you to develop effectively. The business gets the faster use of higher quality features.

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Projecttop process - Continous development

Jyrki Autio

CEO of Projecttop He’s often hired to save projects that are far behind schedule, are going over budget, or aren’t meeting quality standards. He also commonly trains people in specialist and consulting companies that sell project management or software development services.