Download Excel-template for test cases here
Aug 03

Download Excel-template for test cases here

If you are looking for an example for ERP-test case, you can download one here. The downloadable test case is also suitable for processes End to End -testing.

The test case is easy to download into the Projecttop software if you need an easier testing software than Excel.

Download here: Projecttop Test case template

Projecttop Software

Projecttop includes comprehensive features and tools that help you manage ERP-projects from setup to successful deployment.

Projecttop testing

  • Creating testing cycles is quick and easy
  • Configurable testing processes
  • The perfect tool for testing
  • Test case library keeps test cases in order and up to date
  • Time saved with real-time reporting.

Projecttop is more than just a testing software

  • For agile- and waterfall -projects
  • Project scheduling and resourcing
  • Transparent quality assurance process
  • Testing process chains (End-to-End-testing)
  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Deployment plan and tasks

Marissa Autio