Building and system test
Jan 09

Building and system test

Projecttop vip area - testing starting point

Starting point

System test cases are prepared and assigned to the vendors responsible consultant. The vendor builds the solution according to the use cases. You have probably read the article about System test preparations.

Vendor checks the test cases

After the test cases of one use case are ready, assign the cases to the vendor’s consultant. The vendor checks the test cases and adds the necessary technical information.

This is very important because errors in specifications are the most expensive errors. The price of errors is even more expensive, the later they are found. In this way, errors are found in the building phase already. This will give the system and approval testing better quality.

The vendor can also use these test cases as documentation for their own unit testing.

projecttop vip area - testing - release the case

Knowledge transfer

Testers need to be familiarized with how the built solution works.  This is a requirement for effective testing. One solution to this is that the supplier adds technical information to test cases and that’s usually enough. There is also a need for knowledge transfer from consultants to testers. This can be accomplished by arranging common test sessions at the start of each build package.

Release the case for testing

After one case is ready for testing, the vendor assigns the related test case to a test manager and changes the status to “Ready for testing”. This way we get real-time reporting about building readiness.

This is also important. Traditionally, up to 40% of the errors come from uncompleted implementation.  According to the Projcettop Process, you avoid these errors completely.

projecttop vip area - testing - release the case
projecttop vip area - testing building readiness

Building readiness reporting

You can report real-time building and system testing on the project dashboard. Here is an example picture of Count by type and status -widget.

What is the right order to test

By testing in the correct order, you will find critical errors earlier. This will leave more time for their repair. This is done by first testing the most critical test cases of every released use cases and then moving on to less critical cases.


If you test all the test cases at the same time, you come across two issues.

  1. You will find critical errors in the last use cases only at the end of the test. The editor will have less time to repair them.
  2. Process changes that take place at the end of the testing phase generate the need for re-testing.
projecttop vip area - testing - right order to test
projecttop vip area - testing - what to test

How to know what to test?

The idea is that every tester finds his own activities in the My activities -view. By default, the view will show activities that are assigned to a person.

The easiest way to assign test cases to the right tester is using the Mass Change functionally. The tester gets an email notification about assigned cases.

project top vip area - testing


The tester opens test cases from My activities -view. The test case will be visible on the header page and the tester will see what the case is. By clicking start testing, test steps are opened.

The tester tests the follow up test steps. He sets the status OK or Not OK, depending on the test result.

Projecttop vip area - testing steps
Projecttop vip area - testing ok

Tested OK

If all test steps are tested OK, the tester ends the testing by clicking Stop testing.  The tester changes the status to Tested OK.

Next tester continues testing

If the next tester should continue testing, the status will be changed to To next testerand Assigned to the person is changed to next tester.

Projecttop vip area - testing - continue
Projecttop vip area - testing - stop

If test stops because defect found

By clicking the red X, the tester can report the defect. Projecttop opens a wizard where the tester can describe the defect. After the defect is created, the person it is assigned to gets an email notification.

The defect process is described in Defect management -article

Test status of use case

During test preparation, test cases are linked to the use case. This enables monitoring of use case testing status in real-time.

Projecttop vip area - testing - use case

After all the planned tests in the case have been approved and defects closed, you can change the status to Tested OK. You can monitor the status of use cases from the Dependencies -view. If you need to send a detailed report about testing, you can export the view.

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