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First, we’ll go through what kinds of projects you have and that will tell us if Projecttop is a good fit to begin with (it’s not a generic project management process or tool—it’s meant specifically for internal business critical development projects with lots of testing).

Secondly, we’ll go through what would make your projects go smoother. Then we can see if we can solve the issues that have made projects go over time or budget.

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Big Benefits, Little Costs

  • Projecttop Software includes everything for IT project
  • Minimize business risks
  • 70% less emails
  • No more digging through spreadsheets
  • Monitor your project in real time
  • Incredbly fast to learn and implement

We’ve used Projecttop at Vantaan Energy Electricity Networks Ltd for five years. The use has extended from managing a few projects’ tests to the corporation’s comprehensive project management. The goal is corporation-wide project management in which individual projects are supported day-to-day enabling leading projects on portfolio level. Projecttop software is an agile and flexible tool for our needs. The staff is helpful and you get help quickly.

Johanna Piispa
Development Engineer, Vantaan Energy Electricity Networks Ltd