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The Projecttop Process is a detailed guide on how to manage your IT-Project from planning to successful deployment.


Projecttop Process in a nutshell

  1. Be agile until the acceptance test begins.
  2. Acceptance testing ensures the success of the deployment.
  3. Real-time reporting makes leading possible.

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Finnsteve utilized the Projecttop Software in our large ERP project. The deployment was done according to the Projecttop Process and it was a great success. Thank you for a job well done! Projecttop ensured our success.

Vesa Vähämaa CIO, Finnsteve Oy

Finnsteve Oy (part of the Grimaldi Group) is the largest port operator in Finland specialised in unitised cargo traffic. Through its subsidiaries Grimaldi Group is the leading operator in the ro-ro and passenger transport in the Baltic and the North Sea, offering an extensive network of Motorways of the Sea between Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain and Russia.

Projecttop is a Finnish company founded 10 years ago on the simple principle of bringing better tools and processes to IT projects!

Projecttop Software

Manage the IT-projects from setup to successful deployment and report in real-time.

It includes everything you need: setup, definitions, resource management, testing and defect tracking, change management, deployment management and real-time reporting.

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