Change management
Jan 01

Change management

Projecttop vip area - Change management - change request

A successful project is characterized by effective change management. By doing effective change management, executing the planned activities will be easier. The ability to solve unplanned activities will reveal your expertise.

Frequently configured change management is only for technical change requests. Those requests that are ordered from the vendor and have a cost effect. It is also important to manage the changes in business in order for the successful deployment.

It makes sense to collect and list any change requests, even if they are not implemented as necessary. This is how you can find the real need for change.

The development CR-activity

New requests for change will be created for a project. An activity is defined by the organization to know how the business area is concerned.

Projecttop vip area - Change management - the development cr activity
Projecttop vip area - continuous development - business case form

In order to ensure the importance of the development proposal, a business case form is required.

List of open change requests

You can track Development ideas from the Observatory-view. Place the filter in the type field as a “Development CR”. Mark the Exclude ready-field, if you don’t want to see the ready ones. You can save the layout and share it.

Projecttop vip area - Change management - open change requests
Projecttop vip area - Change management - implementation during the project

Implementation during the project

If the change is to be implemented during the project, its implementation must be adapted to the project schedule. Drag the activity to the correct location in the project. Plan resources and schedule.

Implementation postponed

If the implementation of the change is postponed, change the status to “On hold”. Communicate the decision to all concerned.

Projecttop process - buildiing test preparations

Workflow for the Change request

The workflow can be configured as needed. Here’s an example:

Status Description
New New development idea created.
Need specification: The process expert defines the change
Specification ready: The process owner checks definition
Need a work estimate: Ask for a work / cost estimate.
Work estimate given: The Process owner check estimation
Decision needed: Go/NoGo decision
Approved for implementation: Approved for implementation, release selected.
Building / running: Building, implementation running
Ready for testing: To be tested by the process expert
Fixing: To be fixed if an error occurs
Tested OK Tested OK
Accepted for implementation Accepted for implementation
Implemented ok Implemented ok, can be closed.

Test preparation

If the change is small and an easy-to-test change, you can do a test case inside the activity. Just click Start testing and write the test case. This is the way to do it because then the entire process of testing stays simple.

Projecttop vip area - continuous development - test preparation
Projecttop vip area - Change management - adding test cases

If several test cases need to be tested for the change; then they must have their own activities. Add test cases by clicking Tools and Add the dependent activity.

Testing and acceptance

he fact that you used Projecttop in a change management process is now rewarded. The tester uses the entire history of the change; every comment and document. This ensures that the change is in line with business requirements.

Projecttop vip area - Change management - testing and acceptance


You can track the progress of the project in real-time from the Gantt view and the dashboard.

Projecttop vip area - Change management - reporting
Projecttop vip area - Change management - reporting data

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